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David and Andrea Ritchie purchased the Olivers complex in 2010 and set about faithfully restoring its eight stone buildings that at the time were in a very sorry state.

With its magical setting within the Clyde Historic Precinct, Olivers Hotel, restaurant and brewery is recognised as one of Central Otago's most significant historic sites, reinforced by its category one Heritage NZ classification. 

Condition-wise the property was an "absolute shocker" but the potential to create a commercial business, whilst preserving an important piece of heritage at the Clyde Historic Precinct, was an opportunity too good to miss.

Previously, the Ritchies had been living in Auckland for eight years, after returning from overseas (UK, Australia and Malaysia). But David's work demanded frequent overseas travel and it was a desire to leave that lifestyle behind that led them to the township of Clyde and life's next big adventure.

The completion of their project has had a significant impact on Clyde, boosting the rejuvenated township's tourism and hospitality experiences and helping to add vibrancy and charm to the growing list of boutique offerings this pretty part of the world has to offer.

Not ones to stay still for long, another restoration project presented itself in 2019 when the The Lord Clyde came along.

In conjunction with Andrea's sister, Victoria Hansen, a total restoration of this stone building is the latest string to the picturesque town of Clyde's bow. Victoria sold up her home and business in Taranaki to take on the responsibility of running The Lord Clyde.

So, life is busy for all three but, they all agree that its the interesting people who walk through the doors of their Otago accommodation and eateries who keep them going - "that's what makes our day".

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