The Victoria Store Brewery

A vital supply post for prospectors seeking their fortune in the Central Otago goldfields, the impressive stone walls of The Victoria Store have stood the testament of time for nearly one and a half centuries and are now home to the Victoria Store Brewery.

Located on the banks of the mighty Clutha (Mata-Au) River and using only crisp, cold Central Otago water, the Victoria Store Brewery follows in the time-worn tradition of offering refreshment to locals and weary travellers alike.

Within The Victoria Store, the two level gravity-fed craft brewery has been designed and built using local craftsmanship. It shares this historic space with the recently redeveloped Olivers Restaurant.

The Victoria Store Brewery has history running through its beer lines. The names on the different brews evoke the toil of those early pioneers who struggled to make their mark on the harsh Central Otago landscape...... starting with ……...

The Stone Mason Pilsner

Hewn from the colony’s finest grain and hops, Stone Mason pays homage to its Bohemian Pilsner roots. The combination of Motueka and Wai-iti hops present peach and passion fruit on the nose and citrus on the palate.

Stone Mason is a sessionably light beer with a dry hoppy finish – perfect to quench the thirst of a dry Central Otago day.


The Gold Miner Golden Ale

From all over the globe pioneers came to Central Otago with nothing more than picks, pans and the clothes on their backs. All shared the same obsession - to strike gold!

The NZ Cascade hops used to create this crisp Golden Ale reflects the single-minded determination of the Otago Gold Miners. One Malt, One Hop ... and always a desire for one last try!


The Magistrate IPA

It was the golden age of the British Empire and hoppy ales such as the India Pale Ale were created to endure the long journey to the colonies.

The Magistrate IPA combines UK Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops to provide traditional feel and flavour. The sun may have set in Mother England but here in Central Otago her legacy endures. So enjoy this cleansing ale with a platter of fine food or a hearty meal.


The Black Smith Porter

The harsh Central Otago winters can be spectacularly beautiful but for the early settlers it was often a time of hardship.

The Black Smith’s forge must have been a welcome sanctuary of warmth and activity and the Black Smith Porter reflects this conviviality. With roasted malt and rolled oats providing smooth chocolate undertones, the carefully handled smoked malt hints of the firey forge.


"'When we walked in everyone said WOW! The staff went to so much trouble to ensure our evening was a huge success. All the staff were so friendly and service was top class. A beautiful meal.''"

Ken, Timaru

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